Fo[u]r Alto - Microtonal Music for Four Alto Saxophones

Fo[u]r Alto is the quadruplication of the Alto Saxophone into a unified body of sound. Since the formation of the ensemble in 2008 the four Berlin saxophonists Frank Gratkowski, Christian Weidner and Florian Bergmann have developed a unique sound speech.
Collective improvisations are combined with compositions of Gratkowski, who employs different compositional techniques. Some of these are based on principles found in electronic music but are applied here in a strictly acoustic way. Other techniques include harmonies and melodies which are generated from analysis of Tam-Tams and speech patterns and then transformed. The compositions also make use of intervallistic concepts, various extended techniques on the saxophone and dense, shimmering sheets of sound, which are created by layers of multiphonics specific to the Alto Saxophone. 

Fo[u]r Alto played numerous concerts in Germany, Austria, Greece and the Netherlands.
In Autumn 2012 the english Label LeoRec released their first CD "4 Compositions by Frank Gratkowski".

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